Bonding thru words




More button in Search dialog box

Hit Ctrl+F to open the dialog box. You will see the More button in the left hand corner. Click on it and you will find a lot of possibilities to fine tune your search and replace operations: format, style, special characters, wildcards.

My favorite shortcuts

The reason for using shortcuts is simple-do less, get more. Here you have a teaser to raise your shortcut awareness: Shift+F5 (goes back to the place where you last clicked; useful when you are scrolling through a doc and need to go back to your last edit), F8 (extends selection to the next instance of the character you type; F8+n will select until next instance of n), F12 (opens the save as dialog box).

Here’s an extensive list. Please note some are language dependent.

 Edit from Print Preview

Nice and handy trick from TechRepublic blog: edit Word documents from Print Preview.