Bonding thru words

Trados Studio

Trados Studio is a fantastic tool. The interface can be a bit confusing sometimes, though. Here are a few pointers to hopefully help you make the most of it:

  • Does your document have lengthy terms or product names? You can add autotext entries so that Trados will behave like predictive text and you only will have to type the first few letters. If you have large TMs, you can create an autosuggest dictionary, which does roughly the same, only the entries are created automatically. You can also get started by downloading some free autosuggest dictionaries.

  • When you have a single-file project, is it better to open file or create new project? Most times, I’d say, better create project, but make sure to go through the explanation in the link.
  • Trados Studio is extended with a bunch of free and paid apps available at SDL Open Exchange, allowing you to do more things, like converting from xliff to Word format or comparing xliff. Top ones are reviewed at best open exchange apps.