Bonding thru words




If you want to know all the inside-outs of Google, have a look at the Google guide. In the mean time, have a look at stuff below for quick reference.

Refining your search

You might already be familiar with Google’s advanced search operators, but it nevertheless worthwhile checking Google’s cheatsheet. For instance, I didn’t know you could use ~ to look for synonyms, * as a wildcard for whole words or .. to use numranges in your search.

Conversions and calculations

You can use Google’s search box for unit and currency conversions and calculations, check this screencast.

More detailed info here.

Google Reader

There is a lot of useful and interesting blogs and sites out there. It is kind of hard to keep up with them. I do so using Google Reader. You can subscribe to the sites you are interested in and then read the updates in your reader. Here’s how.