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Freeware for translators

Here’s a list of my favorite freeware for translators.

Do-Moses-Yourself: the easiest way to get started with the statistical machine translation toolkit Moses, as it saves all the hassle of downloading and compiling source code and installing all dependencies. It requires to work on a Linux environment (e.g. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS). Detailed info on working with Moses can be found at the Moses Overview.

ApSIC Xbench: Provides a single-point of search for terminology files in all sort of formats: .txt, .csv, .xml, segmented .rtf, .ttx, .tmx, .itd, plus allows to perform QA on translated files. Free until version 2.9; payable from 3.0.

Change Tracker: Allows to compare segmented files (.doc, .rtf, .ttx, .itd) so that review changes can be tracked.

Olifant: Translation memory editor, supporting several formats.

Okapi Framework: Very interesting set of tools, including text extraction, format conversion and file merging and splitting capabilities. Check out this presentation to have a better idea.

CAT Count: Converts logs from CAT tools (Trados, SDLX, DV, Transit) into leveraged wordcounts (ie. 100%, reps, fuzzies and new words converted into the equivalent in new words). Eases accounting and work planning.

T-manager: An Excel-based set of macros that expedite terminology work, allowing to perform tasks such as comparing glossaries, flagging duplicates or converting to Machine Translation dictionary format.

Intelliweb Search: Handy application running in the background. Select a string and hit ctrl+alt+B. IntelliWeb Search will pop and you can select in which of your favourite reference web sites you want to run a search. Developped by Michael Farrell.

Customizing for your preferences can be a bit time-consuming, so make sure to back-up the ini file where search settings are saved. It can be found at C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\IntelliWebSearch. In case it helps, here’s my Intelliweb search ini settings file file (optimized for EN>ES; you’ll need to rename from .txt to .ini before you can use it).

Ditto: clipboard manager. Saves everything you copy so you can access it quickly later. Handy for jobs including a lot of copying and pasting.

Grindstone: Time-tracking tool. Record how much time you spent on each task and then produce reports to figure out the profitability of your projects.

Notepad++: Free code editor, very handy to work with html or programming code. It supports regular expressions and macro-recording.

Httrack: Allows to download at once all files included in a Web site. Very handy when a client just provides you with his/her URL or if you would like to keep a copy of a Web site for reference.

Jing: Screen and video capture software. Don’t write down procedures, just record what’s going on in your screen.

AppLocale: some apps do not support Unicode and as a result extended characters display garbled. Run the application using AppLocale and problem solved.

Convert: comprehensive unit conversion app.