Bonding thru words


Some freebies I have put together especially for you:

  • PE analysis: an Excel spreadsheet to help you calculate whether an MT post-editing project is profitable based on the percentage of re-work the MT output needs.  You could, for instance, post-edit a sample and use the spreadsheet to forecast the revenue based on the amount of edits in the sample.
  • MT ROI calculator: a spreadsheet to help small companies and freelancer figure out the ROI of investing in their own MT system.
  • excel-freebie: a spreadsheet with examples of useful formulas for translation tasks.
  • RunTableReplacemnts Word macro: prompts for a file containing a table with strings to be replaced and new strings. Executes find and replace for every entry in the table starting from row 2 (Table should have headers). Code supplied by Doug Robbins Word MVP at microsoft-word-answers.