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My Word is My Bond-Captain James Hook, from Barrys Peter Pan


To quote a pirate, albeit a fictional one, in a web site about translation might look a bit eccentric, plus it doesnt suggest faithfulness, which should be at the core of the translation trade. But it was through Hook that I heard of this saying, and he deserves his credit.

My word is my bond, that is the very nature of the translation activity: using words to create bonds between languages, people, cultures.

The aim of this site is to provide translators with useful resources: reference material, freeware & tips and tricks for daily work. I have also put together some freebies for you. I hope you will find this web site useful. Please help me improve the site by letting me have your feedback.

I am also open to taking freelance jobs. Please refer to the list of services on the Services tab; if you want to hire me, just drop me a line.

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